Privacy Policy

Terms & conditions

Through this policy, IT-STOCK is committed to preserving the personal information of the participating members and not sharing it with any party except after obtaining the express consent of the subscriber or if requested by the official authorities in the State of Qatar to comply with the national security of the state. As for visitors to the site, no personal data is requested from them unless the visitor wants to participate and become a member. IT-STOCK is fully committed to protecting the subscriber's personal data by storing it on secure servers that can only be accessed by those who have authorization to do so by IT-STOCK, which keeps the subscriber's information and data as long as his account is activated on its own site. If the subscriber wants to delete his account, he must expressly submit his request on the site until his account is deleted and the subscription is cancelled. IT-STOCK reserves the right to update and amend its privacy policy from time to time, notifying the subscriber of such updates and changes by sending an e-mail to the subscriber on his own mail or by downloading the update and the new policy on the home page of the site before its application for a period of notice of at least 5 days so that all subscribers can be aware of it, thus accept or reject it. In case of rejection, a request to cancel the subscription would be submitted. In case that the request is not submitted, this would be considered an implicit approval of the updated policy and privacy.

Terms of Agreement

Since IT-STOCK is required to provide a market through which it can reach the goal for which it is working, this requires an authorization from the subscriber giving it to IT-STOCK, which accordingly has the right to own the content that the subscriber will upload on its site through his approved account. Through that, IT-STOCK is able to display and market the content submitted and approved by it and has the possibility of distributing it accompanied by the name of the subscriber who owns the content after agreeing to the content provided in terms of meaning and value that is not violating the laws and respects regulations, customary and societal traditions, in addition to the content’s exclusivity and its attribution to its owner, so this agreement is considered a grantor of that delegation.

IT-STOCK grants the content of the creator - after approval - its trademark to become its exclusive owner and can license and market it, and only those who represent it can own the right to publish, print and distribute it. The content provider is prohibited from submitting it to any other sites for display or marketing except after obtaining the express consent of IT-STOCK to do so.

The contributor acknowledges that he is fully responsible for the submitted content and that he is on his exclusive and exclusive ownership and that third parties have no right to recourse to IT-STOCK with any material or legal issues if it is proven that the submitted content is fake or stolen by the content creator.

IT-STOCK has the right to suspend the account if it is proven that the contributor has defrauded it in any way, and the contributor has no right to legally refer to IT-STOCK.

It is not allowed for one contributor to have more than one account on the IT-STOCK website.

For each content provided by the contributor that IT-STOCK sells or receives a fee for the content, IT-STOCK pays a percentage (Check percentage schedule) of the value collected as a return on the intellectual property of the content, within a maximum of fifteen days from the date of its sale or collection of its fee.

The contributor may not use IT-STOCK trademarks after submitting the content and being approved by IT-STOCK, and it is prohibited to provide the same content to any other party.

The contributor may not submit content that violates human rights or content that violates public morals or defamation of religions, and in this case, IT-STOCK has the right to suspend the contributor account immediately without the right to return to IT-STOCK financially or legally.

Those under the age of eighteen are not entitled to participate or membership, and the contributor acknowledges his legal capacity to contract.

The licenses issued by IT-STOCK for any content, even if it is subsequently removed, are in effect forever and permanently.

IT-STOCK has the right to announce the content of the contributor, which has been licensed and approved, on social media platforms, whatever it is, without the right to refer to it and hold it accountable for that.

If you believe that content submitted by you to IT-STOCK is being misused, you may not take any action until you notify IT-STOCK of the abuse and received an explicit response from IT-STOCK on the Email:

If IT-STOCK receives a complaint about your content, it has the right to suspend access to it and terminate your account after confirming the feasibility and validity of the complaint submitted.

IT-STOCK has the right to market the content of the contributor on other social media platforms and will not be liable for any damages including actual, indirect, special, or consequential damages arising from the provision or use of your content either by IT-STOCK itself or by any sub-licensee.

If the content provided by the contributor contains copyrighted material, trademarks, service marks or other, the contributor must submit versions of those rights stated above and IT-STOCK shall not be liable for this.

As for the versions of artworks, it includes the requirements for issuing ownership of images that contain artworks and owning rights to the submitted image and artwork included in it, to protect both parties from a potential claim of copyright infringement the contributor must submit Release form

For old classic images, IT-STOCK may accept old content for commercial or editorial use if it is not in the public domain and is accompanied by a proprietary version.

For versions of 3D interiors, a proprietary version must be sent with each interior rendering indicating the name of the software used to create the content of the contributor and confirming that the contributor has the right to license the content he creates using the 3D rendering program.

Photographs of an identifiable person that are submitted for commercial use must be accompanied by a version (Release form) in favour of adults. Photographs taken for private ownership must be submitted with a proprietary version signed by the owner if the contributor wants to use them for commercial use.

For content that includes nudity of artistic value, it must be submitted by a contributor at least twenty-one years old, and it must be accompanied by a photo ID of the model. After that, according to IT-STOCK ’s discretion, the content is evaluated and accepted or rejected, taking into account the conditions and societal norms. previously mentioned when submitting said content.

IT-STOCK has the right to refuse, accept or remove content from its websites for any reason if it believes that such content in its sole discretion may expose it or its affiliates to any legal liability or if the content provided in it is in violation of the terms of service.

IT-STOCK will not license content released from the form for use in pornographic, defamatory, deceptive, immoral, child violence, or illegal manners.

It is not permissible for any contributor to use the IT-STOCK name or its trademarks without prior written permission from it, and in the event of exceeding that, he will expose himself to closing his account, as well as the right of IT-STOCK to be held legally responsible.

In case that IT-STOCK receives a complaint regarding the account of any contributor, it may suspend and terminate access to that account if the seriousness of the complaint submitted to it is confirmed without any responsibility to it.

Regarding the taxes due on the income that can be achieved through the site, each contributor bears his own taxes according to the law to which he is subject in his country of residence. IT-STOCK does not ask about taxes related to the income of the contributor at all and under any circumstances.

Qatari courts are exclusively competent for any dispute that may arise as a result of the relationship between IT-STOCK and the contributor, and the right of either of them to claim and compensate if necessary.

By opening an account with IT-STOCK you acknowledge that you have read all the previous clauses, checked and quantified them well, and agree with all that was stated in them.